Turning 2

Ellen's painting

  At a craft fair the other day I was told by a 90+ young lady, behind a spinning wheel, that you cannot start early enough with making things as a child. I can only agree with her. My daughters are 2 and 8 weeks. Now I do not expect the 8 week old to do crafts yet, but Ellen, my 2-year-old, and I are hopefully going to have lots of fun each week.

   Ellen turned 2 in February. At the end of March, when all her friends from mumsgroup had joined her we would celebrate it. A good opporunity to start to get creative. Last year Ellen could not yet help, but I did make a t-shirt. This year I wanted to make something as well, even though we agreed on no presents. A t-shirt was out of the question though as we recently moved and all my screen printing stuff was still in boxes. We did find some paints and my laminating machine, so we were in business.

  Ellen loves painting and needed no persuasion to create this master piece. She even decided herself that it was done, quickly starting a new painting on a different piece of paper. The computer and multi functional printer were also installed already, so I scanned her picture and using the same image as on the t-shirt of last year, a big 1 with next to it all the kids initials, I designed a place mat. Mind you I did change the 1 into a 2.

  The place mats ended up black and white as I ran out of ink and time (remember I had just given birth and we just moved), but I still think they looked good. One of the moms complimented Ellen saying that her drawing looked like a Japanese painting. Well I leave you to judge for yourself….

place mat for a 2-year old


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