2 Paint Brushes.

  Easter is coming up and Ellen and I, who had the luxury of 2 grandparents for the last five weeks to help with Sanne the baby, are relying on each other for entertainment. This means I have to start planning our weeks carefully, so that the housework gets done and Ellen doesn’t feel left out. Saturdays she goes swimming with her dad, Thursdays we meet up with other moms… Decision on my part, Tuesdays is going to be craft day. I have to start making a list of things we can make together.

2 brushes

  But as I mentioned easter is coming up. A great time to paint some eggs. Ambitiously I decide to blow out the eggs, so we can keep them as a memento, and to make a bird’s nest to present them in. Blowing out the eggs has to happen at least a day before so they can dry and drip. Ellen is intrigued by what I am doing for a few seconds then gets bored and tries to get my attention “come on mamma, come on…” With an egg pricker and needle all goes reasonable well and quick. I only put one extra crack in one of the eggs. These are all ready for Tuesdays painting session.

  As soon as I take out the paint box Ellen gets all excited. The eggs are green, yellow, gold and white (these are the only easter colors I’ve got) in no time. I have to grab some paper to satisfy her painting wishes/needs. I must remember that 2-year-old masterpieces, take no more than 5 minutes, especially when they get painted with 2 paint brushes at the same time. Our morning craft session is over, we will do the birds nests in the afternoon.

schloss it on

  Why wait until the afternoon and clean up twice. Well I have the basic idea of the bird’s nest, but isn’t final. Also more importantly, I have no glue. So while the girls are asleep I jump on the internet to research paper birds nests and home-made glues. Working with a 2-year-old you want something non-toxic and more over my craft stuff is still in boxes. Easter weekend might bring some change in that.

There are quite a few glue recipes on-line, but I chose the super easy flour and water. It turned out to be very effective. Mind you, Ellen only wanted to use the paint brush to put on the glue, not her hands. What else did we use to make the birds nests; a small bowl as the template, some plastic wrap around the bowl so the nest wouldn’t stick and paper from the shredder. The paper sticking process was very random. Schloss on the glue, than some shredded paper, more glue, more paper and so on until you feel it looks good. Drying does take a bit longer then ordinary glue, but I really like the end result. It looks like the birdy used some mud to make the branches stick. Another succesful project.