2 Girls Crying

Sometimes you bite of more than you can chew. So did I with this weeks craft session.

Introducing the gue stick

  I wanted my little girl to make beads. Ever since she was allowed to wear her grandmothers pearls for a few moments, she is intrigued with necklaces. Pointing at them, touching them and playing with her own wooden beaded ones. It seemed a good idea to have her make her own. Although all the people talking a bout making paper beads, talk about at least 4-year-old kids if not older. I felt though that Ellen would be able to do this. It just didn’t look that difficult to me. We would tear strips of paper. We would put glue on the strips of paper. Then we would roll the strips of paper around pieces of drinking straw to ensure we had a hole to put the thread through.

  Now if I remember correctly as a baby Ellen already had the ut most respect for books and magazines. She hardly ever tore one apart. It was this respect or my husband and I were to strict parents when it came to tearing paper. Result I had to tear the strips out of old advertising material and wrapping paper myself.

  Introducing the glue stick. That was a success, very interesting such a stick. At first she would follow precisely what her mom was doing. So the paper strips got glued very well. But as soon as I put down the glue stick to try out rolling a bead, her glue stick found different things to glue, mainly her hands. She also enjoyed sticking her index finger into the glue and then bringing it up to her mouth. She finds out, by looking at my actions, that she can turn the glue stick, but luckily for me she just turns it inwards. Out does not happen phew.

  Meanwhile Sanne, 9 weeks old, decides that this is the morning she wants attention every 20 minutes. I am trying to rock her to sleep, I am telling Ellen to stop playing  with the glue and I am aiming to roll beads. Attempting to keep it a fun and enjoyable morning, while inside I am slowly getting to boiling point. A short snap and I have 2 girl crying. Time for a time out for mom.

in the frame

  We all go into the sun room and have a cuddle. Sanne gets a feed and falls a sleep. Ellen plays with her dolls house and I re-group. I want Ellen to enjoy crafting, so let’s do something simple and more enjoyable. Since sticking is so much fun, lets just stick pieces of paper randomly on something else. Over the weekend I had found the paper frames I once bought at “reverse garbage” (great store!) and they were perfect for this. Ellen went back to copying her mom perfectly. A bit of glue, a piece of paper and a bit of glue, a piece of paper. I will put a magnetic strip on the back so we can have it on the fridge. Now all we have to find is a nice photo.


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