2nd Attempt

The thought of making a necklace with my little girl did not leave me alone. Diamonds are a girls best friend after all. But how could we make it fun for both of us. Playdough is a substance she likes and there is a home-made version that you can bake; 1,5 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, a half a cup of water and 2 tbsp of oil. I used small cups as I at the moment only have a very small toaster oven. It turned out to be a good thing, the small cup that is, because to be organised I thought it would be smart to make the dough the night before. Being very tired I screwed up the first badge. Very impressive with such an easy recipe. While the first attempt went down the toilet, I was praying I had enough salt left. There was and now being prepared meant that Ellen and I could start as soon as Sanne would give us a minute.

playing with dough

The art smock came out and Ellen said: “painting, painting” (you see what she really enjoys) but as soon as the dough was on the table, the painting was forgotten (for now). Interesting texture and interesting taste. It got rolled, smashed and divided into little tiny pieces. Real beads were very hard to discover though. So I made some back up ones and showed her some silly things to make. When I rolled up a flat piece of dough, she decided it was a “toeter” and started walking around the house giggling and going “toot toot”. Her mom was happy to see she was having fun. Then the beads on satay prickers had to go into the oven for a very long time 1 to 2 hrs on 175 C plus the time to cool of in the oven.


After a run to the shops Ellen, who normally likes to stay in the car to play, could not get out fast enough because she was allowed to paint. Painting with a brush was not the best way to go this time though as she only managed to get little piece painted. The best technique turned out to be rolling the bead in the paint direct. Lots of fun, but very dirty hands that went everywhere. The beads turned out very colourful as did the rest of the kitchen. That evening I was just as tired as the evening before, hoping that the baby would give me an easy night.


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