5×2 Painting

Toddler morning with the mums-group. Finally after talking about it for a couple of months we are going to do it. All the moms are enthusiastic. The weather is also cooperating, because we want to do it outside for obvious reasons….

What do we want our toddlers to do?…. Make a joint painting.


I have plastic out on the lawn and on top a big piece of bookbinders linen, so they don’t get in each others way. There are plates with paint and some huge paintbrushes. The toddlers are wearing old clothes, some with protective art smocks over it. We let them loose to start painting. And what turns out to be more interesting. The toys in the garden and the water to clean them with. Oh well…. We did get some smears from everybody, now I have to come up with something so everybody can have a piece of their joint effort.



One thought on “5×2 Painting

  1. what a lucky girl you are Ellen, your mum doesn’t mind making a mess and cleaning up, I hope you help her too. Bec

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