2Day it’s Orange

We have been invite to an orange party this weekend. Everybody has to wear something orange. Ellen has an orange t-shirt, but it is always good to have some nice accessories. This also gave me the best excuse to buy all kinds of orange stuff. Yeah! I want to make brooches with her. Carton discs attached to clothes pegs, so Ellen can’t hurt herself.

I am actually impressed that Ellen fills up the whole page and not just a little corner. If I tell her to paint the edges she obliges (that in itself is a little miracle). The piece of cardboard I gave her was being filled with red, yellow and orange paints. I did not bother to explain to her about primary and secondary colours and how red and yellow make orange. But orange is definitely a favourite and one that she can point out.


After filling the cardboard and several other pieces of paper and the tablecloth underneath with paint, she was allowed to play with the glue stick again. This time it was a tube with a sponge that she had to squeeze. No problem what so ever. She manage to use so much glue, that the whole piece had to dry overnight (mind you we craft in the mornings). But she would squeeze a bubble, as she called them, and then put an orange object in that bubble. The cardboard was turned into splendid brooches, because Ellen loves them; “delicious…” 




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