I have 2 get Organized

Lots of things went through my mind for this weeks craft. I definitely wanted to do something different then painting. On the other hand I realize that there are only so many things Ellen can do at this age. As I myself enjoy sewing, knitting and so on I was hoping to have Ellen “embroider” this week. I was envisioning Ellen making holes in cardboard and then with a shoelace “embroider” through those holes.

Cardboard we had, if it was the right stuff I didn’t check. Shoelaces we had, nice long white ones (so perhaps Ellen should make the cardboard colorful with paint?!). Now for the hole making tool. On the internet I had read that you could use a nail. So I asked my husband the night before what we had. Not a lot it turned out, but I thought I could make some kind of handle on the nail he brought back. I was still under the illusion all would be well. Wrong!


The next morning it turned out I couldn’t find something suitable for a handle (we didn’t have a cork). When I tried pricking through the cardboard with the nail it was to strong. I also forgot about a mat underneath the cardboard, so you could actually try to get through. And when the painting box came out to get Ellen started all she was interested in was painting. As Sanne was unsettled I gave in.


We painted all morning. We painted cardboard, toilet rolls and paper. We used brushes and hands. We made prints of the painted surfaces and folded painted paper to make butterflies. In the end I used the toilet rolls and some of the cardboard to make a pen holder. At least our pens are organized. But for the next session I really have 2 get organized.



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