2 Kinds of Needles

This week I managed to get out to Spotlight (“Australia’s largest fabric, craft & home interior superstores”) with my 2 girls, to look for materials to embroider with Ellen. I found some things that I thought might be suitable. A big plastic needle, used for tapestry I believe. An embroidery ground (forgive me if this is a wrong description, threw away the packaging), with big holes and chunky thread.

I’ll tell you now, this embroidering is going to be a long-term project. First mistake, Ellen got hold of the needle. She would not give it back. “This is Ellen’s needle” she kept on repeating as this is her favourite thing to say at the moment. I know it is just a face, but it is an annoying one. I had to make a makeshift needle for myself and it turns out that the little strip used to keep bread bags closed does a good job here. Now I could show Ellen what needed to be done or better what I would like her to do. She on the other hand preferred sticking the needle in and out of the thread. At first I of course got frustrated (mistake 2), but that is the wrong approach with a 2-year-old. So after a couple of deep, deep breaths I decided just to keep on embroidering: up and down, look Ellen, up and down, feel Ellen. After a while I just left the work on the table. And lo and behold after a bit of a run around in the garden Ellen picked up the needle and material. The needle was stabbed through the material and when she looked at the other side she would say peek-a-boo. It put a smile on my face.

No finished project, but hopefully the start of wonderful relationship with textiles; just like mum.


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