2 Keep Them Alive

Ellen has dropped her afternoon sleep or you could say I dropped it for her, as she would love to scream for an hour, then fall a sleep and in the evening would not want to go to bed. Not worth the hassle. I must say I miss my afternoon nap, but we have quiet time now. Quiet time consists of Ellen watching cartoons on the “kingcompter” (computer), while I feed the baby. One of Ellen’s favourite cartoons is “Charlie and Lola”and this is where I got the idea for our next project. Lola learnt from her brother Charlie how to grow a plant. I was planning a kitchen garden for ourselves already, but now I was going to involve Ellen.

During the council kerbside collection we picked up a rattan table, that has the perfect height for Ellen, for free. We found some pots and pans at the op-shop (my favourite kind of shopping) and collected some from around the house. But we also bought 2 brand new terra-cotta pots for Ellen to decorate. And last but not least we got herbs and a strawberry plant. As we had other things going on we planted the herbs and the strawberry and saved the painting for an other day.

As our autumn days are beautiful at the moment, I decided to paint outside. And as I wanted some vibrant colours on the pots, I picked burgundy, purple and white. You understand that some colour choices would end up in an unidentifiable brownish colour, that very few people like. Ellen again had a wonderful time painting.

As the sun did a good job on drying the paint quickly, we could also fill the pots with plants almost immediately…. Oops all the herbs were already planted. Neighbours to the rescue. They were nice enough to give us some offshoots from their garden (ours is still grass only). Ellen helped by putting soil in the pots and sweeping. Now all we have to do is try 2 keep them alive.


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