2 Shake Rattle and Roll

“Music mama” asks Ellen and points to the iPod on the kitchen counter. Ellen loves to dance or play music. Her latest trophy is the harmonica, to great delight of me. I must confess that I sometimes take it away when she isn’t looking. The thought occurred that you can also make instruments yourself. So we are going to make maracas’.

My husband had bought me a pack of small yoghurt drinks, because they were on offer. The containers were perfect for what I had in mind. A good size for Ellen’s hands and a proper screw on top. Best of all the stickers on the outside came of cleanly so we could decorate them without the worry of competing with logo’s and nutritional information.

For the sound makers we looked around the house. Now I have heard that in daycare and/or kindy they are not allowed to use dried foods like rice, pasta or beans for crafts, because it is disrespectful to food and people who have none. Well I am afraid that I didn’t keep to that rule. We found rice. lentils and chickpeas for filling the containers, but we also used little stones and some sate sticks that I broke down in little pieces. I also wanted to use paperclips, but could not find ours. I did find some left over wire binding and cut that up.

Now the decorations; they were inspired on a kids activity in the GoMA (Brisbane’s gallery of modern art) during the exposition of Yayoi Kusama. They had a white room and gave kids a sheet with coloured dots that they could randomly stick anywhere. One condition the stickers were not allowed to leave the room. It looked really cool.

Ellen took very well to putting stuff in the containers, the screwing on the top and checking the noise it made. Nothing ended up on the floor. I later glued on the tops to prevent it from ever happening I didn’t fancy having rice all over the floor. The thing I thought she would love doing, was sticking on the dots. She started enthusiastically, but you could almost see her think. “If I stick these on here I will no longer have them and I really like stickers….”So she stopped sticking. Then I gave them to her one by one so she had to use them. That went okay for two or three dots and then she threw a fit and I took it all away. Craft time was over.

The next morning she saw the maracas’ on the kitchen counter though. She grabbed them and said “Music mama. Ellen made it.” I turned on the iPod and we shaked rattled and rolled.


2 thoughts on “2 Shake Rattle and Roll

  1. Great Idea Ellen but you wanna watch your Mummy trying to pretend it was her idea on the internet, I know it was yours really, I will try and get my Mummy to make some too! Enjoy the music, I will come and dance with you next time I come round. Love AJ xxx

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