How 2 make Snow

Winter is going to start this weekend in Brisbane. Yes, I know some of the people on the other half of the globe now start to laugh, but it was 13 degrees Celsius in the office the other day and with no central heating or insulation that means it is cold. Winter makes me think of snow and thus a snow globe came to mind as this weeks project.

It seemed like a nice simple project. Ellen could pick the ornament that would be snowed upon. Then all we had to do was stick it in the lid, make “snow”, put the “snow” in the jar, add water; hé presto a snow globe.

Nothing is simple with/for a 2-year-old. Picking a plastic animal is hard, because you first have to play with them for at least half an hour and by then they are all yours. So if your mom tries to choose one for you, you throw a little fit. But luckily you are easily distracted. This time by figuring out how 2 make snow.

How 2 make snow for a snow globe. Most people would stick to the obvious: glitter. I on the other hand wanted to try something different and this is where a simple project turned into frustration, from my part that is, Ellen was still very willing. I had bought a cheep plastic table-cloth with a lace print on it, thinking that you could use a hole punch  to make sequins size pieces that looked like perfect snow. This did not work. Cutting it into little pieces with scissors would have been an option if Ellen was older, but not in this case. Then I thought of aluminium paper. The hole punch did work here, but way to slow. Then we rolled little balls of aluminium, but they float. In the end I gave in and went to buy glitter, to great delight of my husband, who now finds glitter everywhere.

Now we have a finished glittery snowing snow globe. Word of advice, make sure you find a jar that closes properly.


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