Enough for 2 Necklaces

It is a busy week this week, because I have to finish knitting/crocheting a blanket (110 x 170 cm) for an art project of a friend of mine. She has been really busy with this community art project. Amongst other things she organised a “Big Knit in the Park”. People were invited to come and help knit on the project in the park where it is all going to happen on 23 June. This is where I got the idea for another textile project with Ellen.

For the kids that could not help with the knitting, she had organised pompom felting (also part of the art that is going to be on display). I had seen the fuzzy balls before but never realized how easy they were to make, perfect for a two-year-old.

Here a quick how to: pull a small amount of real wool into fuzzy pieces. The fuzzier the better. With the fuzz form a ball. Take some warm water with dishwashing liquid. Wet your hands and roll the ball first gently and the firmer until you are happy with the bead. Rinse under cold water to get rid of the soap. More elaborate explanations can of course be found on the internet.

I told Ellen to pull the wool and she did, as hard as she could. When she would get annoyed with the wool in her hands, I would give her the wool I was working on. We exchanged our fuzzy balls several times. She still said with a grin on her face “This is fun”. Success! Then the water appeared, more fun. And again I showed her what to do. The days before she had already practised rolling balls, with snotty tissues, toilet paper and basically any kind of paper she could find. The soap did make it a bit harder and even though I tried the same technique of exchanging her ball for mine, soon the water became more fun then making the beads. However together we made 2 beads, enough for 2 necklaces.

P.S. If you want to see the art project of my friend come to Dogherty Park Mt Tamborine 23 June-7 July. More info: http://www.becandersen.com/studio.html


2 thoughts on “Enough for 2 Necklaces

  1. Thanks Julia, My aim is for her to have fun and experince a lot of different techniques and materials. When we can finish of with a pretty end piece then that is a bonus. Hope you come and visit us agian on our blog. Renat

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