2 Hands are Preferred

Poor Ellen, she has fallen and broken her elbow. What to do? It is a good thing she loves books. Moreover it is a good thing the Lifeline Bookfest was on , so we could stack up on books. Although a 2-year-old does not mind reading the same book over and over again, but mom and dad like a change every now and again. Books are also the inspiration for our craft: a bookmark.

Yes Ellen can still craft with one hand, although she would prefer 2. We are keeping it simple though for the next couple of weeks. Be prepared for a lot of painting. This week we used inks (ecoline) as a medium. It is nice and thin so you can spatter it. We then used a straw to blow it around and then fold the paper to make butterflies… that worked once. On the next pieces of paper the brush was not used for spatter work, but for painting as it should be.

After the brushwork was finished and had dried, I asked Ellen what she saw in the different blobs of colour. We found a cat, a dog, a caterpillar, an elephant and several flowers. With a black fine liner I filled in some of the details. Some glue, elastic and clear book cover plastic finished of the bookmark.


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