Crafting 2gether

A friend of ours asked if we wanted to come along to the “lanternen fest”, organised by the German school. It is a celebration of St Maarten, normally celebrated on 11th November, but to get a similar feeling to the party we have to celebrate it in our “winter” i.e. June. All kids were invited to bring their lanterns for a walk in the dark. At the end of the walk we sang songs in a big circle.

We of course had to make our own lanterns, so a date was set to craft together. Every body had chosen their own way of crafting the lantern. Ellen and I chose to cut the bottom part of a plastic drink bottle. The bottle was blue, so it already added to the final effect. We decorated it with foam stickers of butterflies. Very simple I know, but don’t forget Ellen can still only use one arm. Some of the other ideas that were executed; painted tracing paper, shapes cut out of carton with coloured foil behind them and I also saw tins with holes in them. It was great to see all the different lights. 


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