2 White, They needed Colour

Shopping has become a lot more fun since I started the blog. I am always on the look out for ideas and bargains. The other day I found some binders for a dollar each. Sure they looked a bit tatty as they were white and had some smudges on them from too much handling, but that made them perfect for Ellen to paint on and give them a new lease of life.

Because the binders have a linen cover and I had some textile paint left overs, Ellen is allowed to have a go with these. I don’t think it was really necessary though, just acrylics would have worked as well and it leaves a less dangerous mess. I mean textile paints on clothes if you don’t want them there, not a very good idea.

Three colours were picked of which one had a shimmer for extra effect. I had cut out some rectangular shapes from an old sponge,  so Ellen could stencil. A technique very well suited for one functional arm. The stencilling went very well and looked very pretty. But as per usual a 2-year-old gets bored with what you tell them to do and starts experimenting themselves, by rubbing the sponge and using the fingers. In short she was enjoying herself, but not as much as I will enjoy using these masterpieces for my administration. 


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