Leaves on 2 Cardboard

To be honest I had no idea what Ellen and I were going to do this week for crafts. Coming up with crafts for a one arm bandit is not easy as it turns out. Moreover the weather is drab, so I feel a bit drab. Best solution for that according to my mum is; go outside and do something. So Ellen, her sister and I went outside for a walk and collected some leaves, feathers and twigs. It was good that we went when we did, because as soon as we were back home it started to rain and it hasn’t stopped since.

Meantime I was thinking about what we could do with our collection of finds. First I thought we could put the leaves under paper and make a leaf rubbing with pencil. Turns out you need two hands for that; one to hold the paper and one to hold the pencil.

Then I remembered something I learned at one of the many workshops I have attended. We could stick the leaves on to cardboard with some pva glue. I handled the glue, Ellen stuck leaves. Then, when this part was dry, use the pva glue as a varnish to cover the leaf and once that had dried we could use all of that as a stamp. With some help Ellen managed this really well.

Still I was happy that later that day we could get rid of the sling. Ellen is all better, now we are waiting for the weather to improve.


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