From Picasso 2 Dolphins on the Fridge

Inspiration really can come from anywhere and it does not always mean that you exactly copy the idea. This week I was watching the Antiques Roadshow. The item that caught my attention was a wall plaque from Picasso. This plaque for some reason made me think of plaster of paris. I remember making wall plaques with it when I was little, but I did not want to make one of those. Plaster of paris stuck in my head though. Then it occurred to me that there are these really cute silicon ice-cube trays nowadays and we could use those to make fridge magnets.

Ellen and I had to mix the plaster of paris with water. Ellen is a dab hand with that as she already helps me measure flour and sugar when we are baking. Stirring the mixture needs some assistance from me to make sure that also the bottom dry powder gets mixed in. Then we filled the ice-cube tray. I found one with dolphins, but Ellen insisted they were whales and who am I to argue with a 2-year-old. Next they had to dry. Luckily we had a birthday party to go to, so they were quickly put out of mind. I just kept my fingers crossed that they would be hard by the time we came home, because the package gave no indication of drying time.

I had not need to worry, they were perfect and after lunch Ellen could paint, which as usual made her happy. The colour pallet were different shades of blue, white and some silver. Glue some magnets on the back and hé presto we have dolphins swimming on our fridge.


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