2 Balls, 1 Mama and 1 Baby

Ellen was a good fairy today, like the one in Sleeping Beauty. We went to a baby shower today, to wish all kinds of good things for mother and baby in a bead ceremony. Ellen helped making the bead. I had never been to a bead ceremony before. This was the explanation we got with the invitation:

It’s about putting together a necklace for the mother to wear during labour to bring the strength, energy, love and support of all her female friends with her for the birth of her child.

So pick out any bead that you like or that reminds you of the mother in any way, or signifies some hope or wish you have for her. Everyone will get a chance to put their bead on the necklace and give the mother their well-wishes or “blessing” as she embarks on the journey of bringing another child into her family.

Now whether you think this is a lot of hocus pocus or not, I can tell you from this one experience that it is really nice for any woman to hear really nice things about yourself and that in itself is worth a lot.

Anyways Ellen and I had a project for this week, because it is through Ellen that we know each other. She is in my mumsgroup. Another thing we have in common is our Dutch background.

The bead was going to be made of air drying clay this time. Ellen repeated the technique from the felt bead “round and round and round, I am making a ball mama.” We also flattened the clay and rolled it back up into a “tooter” (trumpet). And sticking pieces of clay together. But the most fun thing was putting the clay on sticks to create the hole typical for a bead. Any piece of clay whether rolled or not found its way on to the sticks. Painting was a breeze after the beads had dried and now we had to pick one for the ceremony.

There was one perfect one: 2 balls, 1 mama and 1 baby and Ellen had painted it orange…..


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