One Flower, 2 Faces, One Balloon

Facebook has only been a recent addition to my life. I must say I enjoy keeping in contact with the rest of the world that way. It was on Facebook that all of a sudden several messages were posted on decorating porcelain /crockery with a “sharpie” (permanent marker). This Ellen and I had to try.

At the op shop I found some small white plates perfect for the job at next to nothing. As I am not shure that any old permanent marker will do, we go for the brand. Luckily we had some “sharpie” pens in the house due to a conference my husband attended.

Now 2-year-olds and permanent markers don’t sound like a good combination, but Ellen had shown some promise in her drawing skills lately. I did however make her wear her craft apron. With 20-20 hind sight this would not have been necessary, but I would do it again the next time we use permanent markers.

I wanted Ellen to draw some faces, as she had done these on paper. She did start of with a circle and then decided on something else. It turned out to be a flower, or at least that is what I call it. Next plate and yes I got my face and another one. The fourth would turn out to be a balloon and the inspiration came to a screeching halt. Ellen now just wanted to colour it all black. Never mind I had  four cute plates and the other 2 I could clean with baby wipes back to white.

The four plates had to go in the oven to make the illustrations permanent (kind of ironic), 20 minutes on 180 C (350 F). Ellen watched the paint dry so to speak. Tomorrow morning we get to eat of our sandwich of our new “face” plates inspired by Facebook. 


5 thoughts on “One Flower, 2 Faces, One Balloon

  1. Just wondering if this worked for you? We tried it and the art smeared upon washing. Did you also have this problem?

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