2Day I Feel Blue

6 Months  for a baby means improving the food supply and my baby has decided that this has to be done during the night. So I am a bit sleep deprived and I feel a bit blue.

Time for Ellen to brighten my day with our next blog craft session. Now I know what I would like Ellen to do, but Ellen just wants to do. So while I am preparing, laying out tissue paper sticky back plastic etc. Ellen can’t wait to start. When I am cutting a piece of clear sticky back plastic, Ellen also wants to cut. I give her her scissors that cut play dough quite well, for tissue paper cutting however they are useless. Ellen gets frustrated (no brightening of my day yet). I try to explain to her that I don’t want her to cut the tissue paper anyway, I would like her to tear it. Most kids as far as I know love to tear paper, not Ellen. Even before she saw my scissors it was not on. Only when I start doing it , she reluctantly follows.

When we have enough torn tissue paper and napkins, I put the sticky back plastic, sticky side up, in front of Ellen, so she can put the torn paper on it for “art”. First she had to explore the “big sticky tape”by putting her fingers all over it. It wasn’t until the glitters came out that Ellen started to find things interesting and got into the whole project. A bit of glitter here a whole lot of glitter over there and the occasional piece of paper. After she was done I sealed the piece with another “big sticky tape”. We were done. What it is going to be I have no idea yet. Ellen calls it her “light”, so perhaps that should be my inspiration.

At the end I am still tired and a bit blue, but at least I have glitters sparkling all over me.


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