“I Need 2 Cut!”

My little girl loves “basticks” read baskets. She loves them so much that sharing them is hard. Her 50 cents secondhand bought pink basket goes with her to the grocery store. When she is playing at a friend’s house where there is a basket, she will get hold of it and not let go. Time to make a basket for our day out with the family. When I say make a basket, we were actually decorating a fruit punnet.

Now some people would call me crazy after the tearing debacle last week, but I made Ellen tear paper again. Just tissue paper this time. I mixed some pva glue with water to make it a bit runnier. This way Ellen could paint with glue and stick the tissue paper on to the fruit punnet.

While Ellen was glueing away I thought I could do some crafting myself. The thing I wanted to do required scissors and this was a mistake. As soon as Ellen saw the scissors, glueing was no fun anymore, she “needed” to cut. And I did not get away with giving her her play dough scissors this time. I ended up glueing her punnet and constantly telling her to be careful, while she cut pieces of paper. After the glue had dried al that was left to do was 2 holes on either side of the punnet and a piece of thread to make the handle.

The next day we went strawberry picking. Ellen her punnet basket was perfect and Ellen was all smiles.


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