On 2 Plan B

I was completely ready for todays craft. I just had to buy one more thing, which wouldn’t be a problem. But we all woke up with sore throats and snotty noses. It has been going around and I didn’t think it would be nice to share it, so we stayed home. Also I wanted to see how it would develop over the day. On to plan B.

Unfortunately I had no plan B, so I asked Ellen what she wanted to do. She wanted to glue, I must say I was happy the answer wasn’t cutting. I had no idea what to glue and searched the internet for ideas. Even the internet could not help me this time. I didn’t find inspiration, but what I did find was people “up-cycling” their children’s scribbles. There were some real fun things, but no glue project.

In the end I found some lolly sticks and an old box and let Ellen “free style”. She was quickly finished and saw the box of paints. She needed to paint. She picked her own colours and got her hands stuck in. The result I glued in some “die cut cards” as an up-cycle project of Ellen’s art. Now we have some really cute original birthday cards.

P.S. Todays project will happen soon….


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