How 2 Save Money.

(This post was written for , since it has not been posted there yet and Father’s day is this Sunday here in Australia I have decided to use it here.)

You want to know about a clever way of saving money to do something special?

Male wallets just don’t seem to be made for change and my husband hates walking around with lots of change in his pocket. He collects his change in a jar, when it is full we get to do something special. Saving money this way is easy.

What does this have to do with kids and craft? Father’s day is coming up and I decided that it was time for a nice jar to collect this change in. My 2-year-old Brisbane Kid Ellen is going to help me, it is her father after all. Baby Sanne generously donated her empty formula tin as the basis for our money-box project.

 Ellen and I set out to work. First we tore up a lot of tissue paper into small pieces. We used blue so that it would represent the sky. We want to decorate the tin with our aim, in our case a stay in Paris on our next Europe trip, but it could be anything. I mixed some pva glue with water and gave Ellen a paintbrush. Ellen loves painting and she loves glue, so painting with glue was double the fun. I might want to add here that the little ones should wear a craft smock or other protective clothing. I showed her how she should first put some glue on the tin and then stick tissue paper on it, then cover it with more glue and tissue paper and so on. Together we filled the tin on the outside with tissue paper, just the sides, not the bottom. Ellen tried to decorate the inside every now and again as well; it took me several times to explain that that wasn’t necessary.

After the glue had dried I masked of the top half of the tin with some paper and masking tape. Be careful not to stick it to tight as not to damage the tissue layer. Armed with a clean brush and a plate of green, yellow and white paints Ellen attacked the tin again. It was a good thing I masked of the top otherwise the whole tin would have been green. But her free painting style has made a beautiful landscape.

Now for the next part I could not have Ellen help, but older children won’t have a problem with it. In old magazines and travel brochures I found some images that represent our wish: Paris. I cut them out and stick them on the tin. I also cover the image with the pva-water mixture for protection and let it dry. With a little slid in the lid our money-box is ready. Paris here we come.

What do you need:
• Tin
• Tissue paper
• Pva glue (craft glue)
• Paint brushes
• Masking tape and paper
• Old magazines and brochures
• Scissors / craft knife


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