Back 2 Embroidery

As we are all a bit under the weather here in Queensland, I have decided to take it easy with the girls. A bit of playing in the backyard, a walk to the park to sit on the swing and not much more even though it is our craft day.

Because it is our craft day I of course feel like I have to do something in spite of my earlier decision and last weeks up-cycling has inspired me. There are quite a few pieces of painted carton lying around, painted by Ellen that is. That is also the reason why they haven’t been thrown out yet. I take those pieces and start to cut out shapes, a circle, a square and a triangle. “What you’re doing?” asks Ellen with almost every movement I make. “I am making shapes.”I keep on answering, trying to remain patient.

Then I use a hole punch to make holes around the rim of the shapes. “I want to cut!” Ellen states “I want to do it.” I am almost certain that she can’t do it, but also pretty sure she can’t mess it up, so I let her try. As predicted it doesn’t work, but she won’t give up, I have to find a distraction. The little circles from the holes are the answer. Ellen calls them “glitters” and puts them in her hand, on the floor, picks them up etc.

Once I finished the holes I look for the shoelaces I bought that have nice bright colours. I knew they would come in handy one day. Ellen gets to pick a colour and I show her how she can sew it through the holes, up and down, up and down.

By the end of the day she picks up her shapes and starts “embroidering” by herself, although she still “freestyles” all over the shape, it makes her mummy smile.


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