2 Flutter, Flutter, Flutter….

“What do you want to make Ellen?” “Butterflies. Flutter, flutter….” This has been the answer for a while now each time Ellen says she wants to make something. Which is way more often than our craft mornings. As we already have done the painted butterflies quite often (paint on one side of the page and then fold it over), I was looking for something new.

So I jumped on to the trusty internet for inspiration and found that coffee filters were regularly featured, I guess because of their shape, because there material values (absorbing water) weren’t used. Then I remembered something from my primary schooldays. My teacher use felt-tip-pens to make drawings on coffee filters and then placed the filters “standing in water. The water would gradually soak into the filter taking the ink of the felt-tip-pen with it.

Now felt-tip-pens aren’t new for Ellen, she regularly comes home with stripes all over her hands. But it is new at our place as I have always feared the drawings on the newly painted walls. Ellen is really excited. I myself had already experimented with some old felt-tip-pens, that turned out to be too dry. So there was a new box with “twin tip markers” and each and every one got a turn on the filter. After they all had a go the second filter was attacked. While she was busy colouring, I put the first filter in some water. We both watched as the water crept up and slowly took the colours up. Ellen couldn’t wait to put the second filter in as well so I made a second plate with a bit of water so she could stand up hers. 

Would you like this on cotton for a girls dress?

The filters were hung on the washing line to dry and then I cut them into butterfly shapes. I quickly scanned the butterflies to keep the images. Now Ellen walks around with them and moves them up and down saying; “flutter, flutter, flutter….”

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