2 Design Fabric

We had an overseas envelope again this week. They are always full of nice surprises. Ellen calls the mail her presents, she does not know about bills yet. The last couple of times there have been sewing magazines in the big envelopes. Sewing magazines with very cute clothes patterns for little girls. As soon as I get a place to set up my sewing machine safely, I’ll be trying them. In the meantime I can look for cute fabrics. The thing is I wouldn’t be me if I would just go to the shops and look for fabric there.

The internet has brought many opportunities, also in the area of fabric design. One of those opportunities is http://www.spoonflower.com/. They allow you to design and print your own fabrics in small quantities. You guessed Ellen is going to partially design her own fabric. Or at least we are going to try.

I have always enjoyed dots or circles on fabrics and some garbage, a tube from inside the role of garbage bags actually, gave me the idea to stamp with Ellen. I found some other round objects to stamp with, bottle caps, a toilet roll and I let Ellen happily stamp away on pieces of paper. Trying to encourage her to stamp lots of circles on one piece of paper. But I should know better by now…. The colours she chose were purple and red, no objections there and lo and behold she insisted on using the butterfly technique (folding the piece of paper after paint is applied).

…or random


Now I am playing on the computer with the scanned images to see if we can make a fabric out of it. I am so excited…

Want to order this fabric go to my Spoonflower shop or click here


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