What 2 Do With Pom Poms?

On my regular travels through craft stores and what not I have often come across pom poms. Ellen loves the fluffy little balls, which 2-year-old girl wouldn’t. So I have frequently wondered “what 2 do with pom poms?”

Last weekend we went to the Ipswich Art Gallery, to an exhibit called “Wild Thing”. The artist Troy Emery must have thought the same thing. He came up with a fantastic answer though. His sculptures of fantasy animals were fun. Too bad we could not pet them.

The way he covered the object with pom poms gave me the following idea. I was going to make a mirror for the baby. You know how babies love to look at themselves, thinking they have found a new friend. The bright colours of the pom poms would be great to stimulate the visual senses of the baby and the softness would make the mirror tactile.While I was thinking about how to execute this, I realised Ellen was more than capable of glueing pom poms to a structure and she would love the colours and the softness as well. We could do this craft together. I would make a mirror for Sanne, Ellen would make one for herself.

I managed to find some plastic mirrors for, I want to say, caravans. I liked the idea of plastic because of breakability. We each stuck one to a mdf cut out of a flower. Then the glueing could begin. Where I started to glue pom poms petal by petal, Ellen randomly glued pom poms all over the place. Yes, also on top of the mirror, but this was quickly corrected. I mean we weren’t using super glue, just ordinary craft glue. The hard thing about that was that Ellen had to wait for the glue to dry, but she did well and was rewarded the next day with a lovely colourful mirror made of pom poms.

P.S. Her mama did use super glue at night to glue a plastic photo frame to the back of the flower so the mirror could stand up.


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