2 Snip

“Be careful, because scissors are sharp.” You will hear this at least three our four times between 17.00 and 17.15 in our house. Why? Because Ellen has a new favourite tv programme; Mister Maker, a children’s crafts series. I sometimes wonder if it is because of her mothers indoctrination, but there could be worse things she can watch. Anyways scissors are very interesting and it is time we use them carefully in one of our projects.

I had brought home some paint chips from the hardware store to use as bookmarks, but I found the nice bright colours perfect for Ellen. Together with some extra paint chips that were lying around from some of my other projects I had plenty for Ellen to cut. Mister Maker had made a picture of cut triangles that inspired me to let Ellen cut the colour chips into shapes. Those shapes she would glue onto a mdf place mat.

Ellen was thrilled that she was allowed to snip, snip (visualize with fingers gesture). She had to repeat to me a couple of times though that scissors are sharp, which she faithfully did. While cutting she proudly told me that she had green scissors, just like Mister Maker, mind you I can’t tell if that is true. Ellen steamed through the chips, cutting them in all kinds of strips. And when she had gone through them all and I had to tell her she was done, she happily put down the scissors to do something else. I was flabber gasted, I was sure that there would be a tantrum.

on to the next step, painting the mdf white, so the colours would stand out better. This was boring, soon I heard “it’s your turn mama”. Then her friend came over and Ellen went of to play. After her playdate and lunch Ellen was tired. I thought we would finish the project the next day. But no, another surprise tome. After some quiet time she came to me and told me she wanted to glue the cuttings, so we did. Now mama has to varnish the place mat, then Ellen can make a mess while eating.




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