2 Let Things Happen

Sometimes you just have to let things happen. In the morning we had been listening to some Justine Clarke songs. For the people who don’t know her, she is a Playschool presenter and Playschool is an educational children’s program. I now get the feeling I am letting my daughter watch too much tv as it seems a lot of inspiration comes from it lately. Anyways one of the songs was “creatures of the rain and sun” and Ellen wants to make a creature. I wonder if she knows what she is saying, but I let her have a go.

I give her old packaging boxes, paper, felt tip pens, glue, stickers etc. I tell her to draw some googly eyes and she traces around a cup. Then she wants to cut them out, which does not quite work. I let her do her thing though, because I hope I can do a few crafty things myself, as I have set myself the challenge to hold some christmas craft workshops for fellow Ellens (m/f)  and their responsible parent (if you are interested let me know :-)). But as soon as I start for myself, Ellen wants to do what I do. At first I go with the flow, which would have been smart to keep up, but sleep deprivation causes me to get impatient. After the so many-est “I want” I snap and decide it is better to pack up. “What to show the people who follow my blog?” does run through my mind, but I am too tired to really give it a thought.

Until I see what is left on the table. Ellen calls it her sunglasses. She has glued some pieces together that could be a mask. If we make some wings, she has her creature after all. In the afternoon, when I have relaxed a little, I cut out some wings out of a cardboard box and let Ellen at it with paint and glitter. With a piece of cord I make a little harnas and the mask gets some elastic to hold it in place. Now if Halloween was a big holiday here in Australia, Ellen would have been a butterfly.


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