2Lips From Brisbane

Ellen’s oma is coming to Brisbane. She is arriving early in the morning, so my husband will pick her up on his own. This way we can start our day as normal. We still want her to feel welcome though and that is why we are making her flowers; tulips to be precise.

When I thought of making tulips I was wondering if it this might too hard for Ellen to do, after all I was 4 when I learned how to do this. It requires doing things in a certain order. I prepared myself for disaster, but without back up plan. Sure you can try making paper pom-pom flowers, that everybody say are easy…, not for a 2-year-old.

We sat down at the kitchen table and I gave her a big square piece of paper, that is normally used in scrapbooking. While I was quickly walking through what we had to do, Ellen managed to get her scissors and cut the first piece of paper into strips. Great. I had to be on the ball here. Handing her the next piece of paper I immediately started to explain her what to do. Talking and showing her at the same time, while letting her copy me seemed to work.

First we had to fold 16 squares, this is how I was taught. And I was impressed by what Ellen produced. True the folds were not straight, but I could count 16 squares after she was done. Then I used a felt tip pen to mark where she had to make cuts and again she followed my instructions. Even glueing went without much of a hitch. Yes I thought, this will be a beautiful bunch. All I have to do is stick the tulip flowers on balloon sticks. You know the ones you get with your Bunnings balloons.

This was thought too soon. With a lot of talking I managed to have her make another one, but that was it. It is like she is thinking, been there, done that, what is next. Ellen went on doing her own thing, her own folding, her own cutting and her own glueing. The tulips are nice and big though and we hope you will like them oma.

P.S. The third tulip is mine.


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