2Na Can Tealight

Christmas is approaching fast and since Australia has “only” Christmas it is really important, especially to children. America and England first have Halloween, then America has Thanksgiving, before Christmas is fully embraced. The Dutch have Sinterklaas, early December, but here it is Christmas…. in summer.

For Ellen Christmas has come early, because oma has arrived with all kinds of presents. So it seemed only fair that Ellen would make a present for oma. And since Christmas is approaching it is something she can use then.

Thanks to the internet we get bombarded with inspiration and ideas. A while ago now I something I really liked. It was a tealight holder made of an empty tuna can and wooden pegs. Then I thought if you let Ellen paint the pegs it would look even cooler. Oma’s visit was a good reason to attend to this craft now.

On one of our trips to the craft store Ellen had pick out glitter paints, perfect for this kind of Christmas craft. In general Ellen loves glitters, doesn’t every 2-year-old girl. This made me think that Ellen would paint with the glitters, while I did some other painting. I imagined the glitters would sparkle in the tealights light. But of course as soon as I started painting with acrylics, Ellen wanted those as well. To get my own work done I gave her some and I think it worked out fine, luckily. It is so cute to watch her concentrate on her painting, trying to mimic me.

I put the pegs around a well cleaned tuna can and put a LED tealight inside for safety. When I turned the tealight on Ellen said “oooh, that is pretty”


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