Sometimes You Need 2 Days

Oma and Ellen are making lots of new memories together, playing games, like memory and fishing. Mind you they are making up their own rules. And visiting new and exciting places. Like always lots of photo’s are being made. So we need a way to display some of them.

In a discount shop I had found a package of 2 sheets named “paintable magnetic canvas”. I thought it would be a great product to use for some magnetic photo frames for on the fridge. I had the plan to use watercolor pencils, but when I opened the package at home I found that I still had to use my own paper, that I could then stick on to the magnetic background. No biggy, I know, but I understand now why the product ended up in the discount store.

I had already bought some cheap watercolor pencils and wasn’t about to hop out to the stores again. With hope of luck I gave Ellen some ordinary printing paper to draw on. It kind of worked, but as soon as Ellen knew that she was allowed to paint with water, that was all she wanted to do. Printing paper I can tell you is not used to that much water. Then I tried art board. Also an alternative, but by this time my 2-year-old was passed her joy of making and my limits were also starting to be reached. Time to pack up, without a real result.

What a difference a day makes. With shopping I had picked up some proper paper (for watercoloring) and Ellen was ready and willing. One paper after the other was filled with color, granted usually one color per paper, but still she had fun and alternated between pencils and water painting. I got to stick two of the papers to the sticky magnet paper and cut out two flowers with an open heart, where there is room for a photo. 


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