At Least 2 Stories

“Once upon a time….” Ellen is sitting in her sandpit and starts to tell a story. Actually she recites the stories we read to her, alters details, mixes them up and has lots of fun with them. She loves books, she wants at least two stories before she goes to sleep. So when one of my likes was from a lady that reviews children’s books I decided to take a closer look. One of the books TurtleandRobot reviewed was called “The Black Book of Colors”, the title intrigued and I learned that it was a book in which the author tries to explain colors without actually using any of them just black, via description and relief. Click on the title for the review.

This made me think and I was wondering if I could incorporate it in our craft. However I do not want to go all heavy on Ellen, moreover she would not yet understand. The pictures in the book are in relief and that is what I would use, combined with my love of pattern. I took some toilet rolls and found things we could stick on them, foam stickers, some anti slip material, felt to stick under furniture against scratches and you can think of some other ones yourself. After filling several rolls, I gave Ellen some paint and tried to show her what to do. You guessed a 2-year-old knows better, now we have some more colorful paper that we can use as wrapping paper or make cards from. Who knows I will come up with a better plan inspired by this fascinating book next time.


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