Now On 2 Christmas

I can’t ignore it anymore, nor do I want to. Christmas preparations are in full swing. Although 30+ degrees and Santa are still very incompatible in my mind, but my girls will not know different for now. I have started making advent calendars for Ellen and for her nieces. I am slowly making plans for the holidays. Now it is time for Ellen to help me make Christmas decorations. But since I am totally sleep deprived as my youngest is teething I am fully unprepared. Ellen though “needs” to make and I will have to come up with a plan.

An idea from one of my favourite craft stores Reverse Garbage springs to mind. They had big round pieces of cork with a hole in the middle and a bunch of champagne corks. They stuck the corks to the round piece of cork to make a christmas reef.

We have never had a christmas reef, but this year we will and Ellen will make it. We don’t have the same materials as Reverse Garbage as I haven’t prepared anything. We have however plenty of cardboard boxes and different kinds of pasta. This is the only product I can think of at short notice that brings relief and interest to a flat piece of cardboard. (Sorry if you think it is disrespectful of food). Ellen is intrigued with the fact that she is allowed to glue on one of her favourite foods. She is pretty good at filling the circle of cardboard with different kinds of pasta and only now and again puts one in her mouth to find out it is crunchy.

After the glue is almost dry, this due to impatience of my 2-year-old, she is allowed to paint with glitters and normal paint. And even though I would like to keep the colour scheme red, blue and silver, Ellen insists on green glitter paint as well. The solid colours make the green glitters disappear, so we both get our way. With some sparkly ribbons I hang our first ever reef on our door.


5 thoughts on “Now On 2 Christmas

  1. Da hattest Du ja wieder mal eine tolle Idee. ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass Ellen Spass hatte. Viele Gruesse an alle! Love Eva

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