2 Hot 2 Craft

christmas-craftCan it be too hot to craft. I think 40 degrees Celsius qualifies. Too bad though, we had a craft party to prepare and Ellen was a trooper. We made 6 plaster of paris houses for her friends. She mixed the plaster into the water, measured of by me, and poured it in to the silicone mould. The mould that consists of 6 little houses, I once found in a dollar store and should be used to make marvelous cakes. I do like to bake, but this mould I like better for plaster of paris.christmas-craft-pool

After our hard work we deserved to jump in the pool to get cool.

P.S. sitting behind the computer is too hot to….


One thought on “2 Hot 2 Craft

  1. Hallo Ellen und Renate,

    Da bin ich ja gerade noch rechtzeitg abgereist. Das ist ganz schoen heiss. Aber wie ich sehe ist Ellen hart im nehmen. Wann ist denn Dein Christmas workshop?? Viel Erfolg und Spass und nicht zu viel Arbeit!! Love Eva

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