Christmas Cards 2 Send

Lots of family traditions evolve around Christmas. One tradition for me has always been, to make my own Christmas cards. Living far away from most of our family has resulted in email photo cards otherwise postage would be come astronomical.

xmas-cards-drawWhen I was making cards for another project, Ellen decided that she wanted to make cards too. I asked her if she wanted to make Christmas cards for all her friends and she got all excited.xmas-cards-fold

For the advent calendar of my nieces I had found some simple Christmas origami and one of them was a tree. I would fold the tree, Ellen did try but would not get any further then step 1, and then Ellen would decorate the tree with her felt tip pens and stick it with glue to a card. We had a nice production line going on which I had sometimes trouble to keep up with my 2-year-old. The decorations were simple. Each tree would get a face or something close to it.

When we made enough cards I had to write them and put them in envelopes. This gave a bit of a squabble. Yes the cards were for her friends, but on the other hand Ellen wanted to keep all of them. Pulling the adhesive strip of the envelopes softened the blow a bit.

xmas-cards-glueBringing the cards to the mailbox provided another emotional challenge. On our walk to the mailbox I had to explain that we had to bring them there, so that the posty (postman) could find them and bring them to her friends. She pointed out several letter boxes on the way, but I told her it had to be the red one. When we got to the big red one at the postoffice it was hard for Ellen to part with the envelopes. In the end I had to throw them in. Now they are on their way. Merry Christmas everyone!xmas-cards


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