Some Cubes Got 1 Colour Others 2

wrapping-paper-ice-cubesI was sure we weren’t going to do a Christmas craft. I had a plan revolving footprints, as Ellen is fascinated by them at the moment. I even checked if I had all the right stuff for the plan. But then the kids woke up at 5 o’clock and it was already warm. I felt I had to come up with a different plan, one that involved water. Better even: frozen water.wrapping-paper-drawing

A quick search on the net didn’t give me a plan, but it did give me inspiration. And honestly I did not want to spent more time behind the computer. I also didn’t want to have to do a shopping trip, even though the air-conditioned shopping mall sounded good, hoards of Christmas shoppers put me off.

The inspiration I had turned into the following. Ellen and I filled an ice-cube tray with water. Each ice-cube compartment then received a couple of drops of food colouring (this I have in the house, wrapping-paper-dryingbecause of home-made play dough) I guess coloured ink would work as well. We mixed and matched, some cubes got one colour others two, not knowing quite what would happen. Then it went into the freezer.

Later I rolled out a big piece of paper, to be precise it was a paper table-cloth, left over from a diner party. Ellen then was allowed to roll the ice-cubes over the paper, swirl them or what ever other technique she could think of. She did however liked to just hold them. “They are cold, mama, they are cold.”She also noticed that they were getting smaller and smaller and she did not like that.

With some encouragement we filled the big piece of paper. What does this have to do with Christmas?….. I now have the coolest Christmas wrapping paper, while Ellen can’t wait to do it all again.wrapping-paper


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