2 Paint and 2 Clean

As this week is mainly about Christmas, I leave Ellen to her newly gotten treasures and will share something we made for her to enjoy in the garden. It was something I had been toying with for a while and we finally got around to do it, because on our visit to the tip shop we found the perfect thing.

garden-paintingLet me first explain what a tip shop is. It is the recycling store from the Brisbane garbage collection and it is great to have a rummage. There we found a big picture frame with a reproduction print behind plexiglass for only $ 10,-, perfect for my idea. My idea was to give Ellen a place in the garden where she could paint on the same background over and over. She loves painting, but we can’t keep all her masterpieces. Finger paint on plexiglass is the perfect answer. All we had to do was take out the print, paint the frame and glue in the plexiglass. Attaching it to the fence was my husband’s job.garden-painting-2

Since we pulled all this of the weekend before Christmas, there wasn’t really time to find good finger paints. And since Ellen’s best friend was coming over for Christmas day I did need to have some kind of finger paint I decided to make my own. I found the following recipe on the net. 3 tbs sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 125g corn starch and 500ml water. Combine all ingredients in a pan and warm until mixture thickens. Add food colouring to create desired colours. Okay it is not as good as the store-bought stuff but the girls had lots of fun ending up in painting each other. The solution for that was the garden hose.

garden-painting-cleaningBut not just the painting was fun. Cleaning the screen is fun too, because you get to play with lots and lots of water and a sponge.

Brisbane tip shops can be found:

The Acacia Ridge Tip Shop is located at:

46 Colebard Street West
Acacia Ridge Qld 4110

The Geebung Tip Shop is located at:

27A Prosperity Place
Geebung Qld 4034

Proceeds go to the Endeavor Foundation.


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