Meet Ellen’s New 2 Friends

ragdolls-cuttingHappy new year every one. Ellen and I hope that the coming year will be even craftier then the last. But how should we begin, when December has all these crafty moments.

I really can’t explain why I chose to make a no sew rag doll with Ellen. After all Christmas has given her plenty of toys to play with. Granted Ellen does not have very many dolls, but that does not seem to bother her at all.ragdolls-tie

While looking for an idea for this weeks craft, I was flicking through one of my many books on craft ideas. And this doll made of newspaper stuck in my mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to show Ellen how little you need to make a toy; in this case a doll. I did not have enough newspaper, but I have plenty of fabric, so it would become a no sew rag doll.

First I tried it out myself and then we made one together. Here is approximately what we did. Take 3 same size pieces of fabric. Over the long side, fold in the sides and roll it up. Take one roll and fold it in half. Take another roll and loop it through at the bottom and use a bit of string to tie just above. These are the legs. Put another piece of string around the body (the first roll you folded in half) and place the last roll above it, while with another piece of string you tie it in place. Now you have a body with arms and legs. At the end of each arm and leg tie another piece of string to create wrists and ankles.

ragdolls-drawingFor the head take a square piece of fabric and some stuffing. Place the stuffing in the middle of the square and bring all corners together. Tie off with a piece of string. Attaching the head was a bit tricky. On my first attempt I resorted to using glue, but the second time around the left over pieces of string made it possible to tie on the head. You’ll have to fiddle with that. Ellen helped cutting the fabric and string, making the rolls and tieing the knots. And last but not least Ellen gave them personality by drawing on the faces and the all important belly button.

Please meet Ellen’s new friends; Jack and Dill. ragdolls-jack-and-dill


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