They Sound Right 2

aussie-day-flip-flops-traceIt is Australia day soon (26 January). It is a national holiday to celebrate the first fleet of the British landing in NSW, then ironically for me known as New Holland. It is celebrated with community festivals, citizenship ceremonies and family bbq-picnic’s. To me it seemed like a good idea to do crafts around this theme. I went to the trusty internet for ideas, but could find very few. The Americans have all kinds of crafty ideas around the 4th of July, but even Better Homes and Gardens Australia came up empty-handed.
I wrecked my brain as I didn’t want to give up and came up with making one of Australia’s icons “flip-flops”. You see the Aussie flag variety everywhere at the moment. True making flip-flops will be too hard for Ellen, but there were things she could help with. For example, we often trace her feet with chalk on the concrete outside. Now she was allowed to have a go with pencil on cardboard. Chalk is easier because it draws from all sides whereas you have to keep your pencil upright. After a few attempts she gave up and I quickly traced her feet and cut out the cardboard.

Then I gave her paints; red, blue and white to paint the pieces of cardboard. For the first time she used just one colour on each piece of cardboard; one sole red, the other sole blue and the leftover cardboard white, until she ran out of white and made the remainder red.

aussie-day-flip-flopsI copied the soles onto foam and cut those out as well. With some cotton I made the straps and then glued it all together. I think they turned out very cute. They sound right too. But since my girls are Australian I would love some great and simple Australia day crafts to add to our collection.


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