2 Have a Picnic in the Clouds

clouds-glueEllen often plays with an old duvet insert. One day we turn it into a tent. On another it is the bed for her soft toys, to whom she will read stories. Today the duvet was a cloud on which she lived. I gave her some food after which she kept on telling me: “Look mom I am having a picnic in the clouds.”

So I figured we would make some clouds out of polyester fibre filling, the stuff you use to stuff stuffed animals. All Ellen had to do was take little pieces of stuffing and roll them into balls, then glue them on a piece of cardboard. The cardboard has a hole in it to fit a photo.

She was happily glueing until some of the stuffing attached itself to the glue stick, but that was the only drama. After she went along the whole frame with a single row of stuffing balls, she decided that she was done. “Can I go play outside now?” Another craft finished.clouds

With some magnets attached to the back Ellen’s photograph can now permanently have a picnic in the clouds.


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