2 Techniques We Like to Share

The Lifeline Bookfest was happening again in Brisbane. It is a huge secondhand book market with books starting from 50c and yes they are in good enough condition. I love it because I get to stack up on craft books.

tech-bubble-paintingThis week Ellen and I didn’t really have a project to make, but we got to try out some of the techniques found in my newly aquired books. 2 Of which we like to share.

As I am always on the look out for interesting craft paper we tried these 2 techniques to make our own. I love them as there is quite a bit of chance involved. Ellen loved them too, because the materials used are awesome in the eyes of little people.

The first one we tried was bubble painting. It is fascinating blowing bubbles from dish-washing liquid and coloured ink even for an older cousin that was visiting. When the bubbles spill over the cup you hold paper against the bubbles which leaves a beautiful print.tech-shaving-cream-marbling

The second technique was marbling with shaving cream. Spray shaving cream on a tray put on some blobs of acrylic paint. Swirl through it with the back of a spoon. Then press a piece of paper against it, pull it of and scrape of the access shaving cream. I had my doubts, but was impressed with the result. If you swirl it again and print again, the result only gets better I found. We do have to visit this one again though as we got interrupted by the youngest girl and Ellen didn´t get to scrape….


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