She Glues 2 Flowers Together

flower-bracelet-potatoEllen and I were going to do potato printing this week. As a matter of fact we did do potato printing. But what I had hoped would become a paper or papers with nice print patterns, that I could scan and turn into something else, turned into splodges of too much paint and lots and lots of fingerprints. In the end Ellen was just finger painting and having fun, what is a mum to do.
Later on I was sitting at the kitchen table looking into some Easter crafts, while Ellen was playing. I was trying to weave an Easter basket, when Ellen comes to sit with me and announces that she also wants to make something. I give her some of the strips of paper I am working with and show her what I am doing. She tries, but unless I glue the strips down while she is weaving it is not going to work. I put away the weaving and grab some cupcake casings so we can make flowers. I show Ellen how you can fold the cupcake casings in six (3 folds)and she does it effortlessly. Then I draw some lines for her so she can cut of the corners to create the flower petals. She more or less follows the lines and now she has a flower.

flower-bracelet-loopAfter Ellen made a few flowers, she asks for the glue. I give it to her as I want to continue my own efforts. And this is when the magic starts. She glues two flowers together. Then Ellen uses one of the strips of paper I had given her for weaving and glues both ends of the strip into the heart of the flower making a loop. “I made a bracelet mama, look.” She is starting to design her own crafts! I am so proud. Then she made me another one.


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