2 Footprints On The…

Water is one of the best toys ever. Luckily for us the draught has broken and we can be a bit more generous with water, but still we shouldn’t waste it. Anyways Ellen love water, cleaning stuff in the sink, jumping up and down in muddy puddles, swimming and bath time. True, sometimes it is hard to get her in to the bath tub, because she has more important things to do, but once she is in it is hard to get her out.

footprints-printingOne of the tricks we use to get her out is asking her to make footprints on the bath mat. She is fascinated by it. Too bad you can only make two at the time and they disappear again. she’ll ask for a mat if we forgot to put one down. She’ll also ask us to make our own footprints.

So for a while now I wanted Ellen to make more permanent footprints and today was the day. It was dry outside, her sister was sleeping and I had found the perfect piece of cloth, that I can change into a bath mat later on.

I envisioned Ellen walking straight over the piece of fabric, leaving a neat and cute line of footprints. You would think I’d know by now not to have preconceived ideas…footprints

Ellen was very excited about the footprint idea. She picked the fabric paint colours and I let her mix them, hoping for a bit of a double coloured footprint, but Ellen can mix very well. We made two practice footprints on a piece of scrap material. And then Ellen was allowed to walk on the “real” piece of material. She started of in a straight line, but before I could remind her to walk of, she had turned and kept on walking on the cloth. No harm done thought, I think I can still make a nice bath mat out of it, I just have to find time to set up the sewing machine.


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