Heading 2wards Easter

We are definitely having wet season at the moment. It is time to come up with a craft that makes us think of springtime, even though down under we are heading towards autumn. All of us are heading towards Easter though and that me think of sunshine and new life.

egg-cup-printingWhen I ask Ellen what she wants to make, she says a basket. And I am fully intending to make a basket with her as it fits in with the Easter theme. Before we go craft we have to get outside though, because it is finally dry and we have spent most of last week inside. It also gives me the opportunity think about the kind of basket we will make.
The wind and rain have caused many leaves to fall down. I see some eucalyptus tree leaves. Their shape reminds me of long grass. We have recently seen Mr Maker print leaves, so I decide we will print leaves to stick on the side of a small basket so it looks like the egg is lying in the grass. At the end of the walk I have amended that thought to a piece of toilet roll so we have an egg cup.

egg-cupEllen enthusiastically starts printing her leaves, but as she has no clue as to what these prints will be for, she soon decides that it is easier just to paint the piece of paper with her paint brush. Of course I am a bit annoyed that she will not take my word/instruction as the thing to follow, but I have to be realistic. I decide to finish my egg cup to see if she likes it enough to make her own. And (luckily for me) she does. So we start the printing process again; new paper, new paint. In the meantime I have learned that the prints do not have to be perfect. Then Ellen asks me to cut out the leaves for her and I think this is a good idea. Together we stick the leaves around a painted half of a toilet roll and presto an egg in the grass egg cup. Cute isn’t it?


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