Pulling 2 Prints

monoprints-paintOn Saturday, for the first time in a long time, I left the 2 kids in the care of husband, while I went to a workshop “Mono printing” with Sandra Pearse. I had a wonderful day, no kids and lots of creativity. I can whole heartedly recommend it. If you want original art on your wall and feel you can’t afford it, this is the way to go. Check out her site http://www.sandrapearce.com.au/index.html .
Anyways miss Ellen’s ears are getting better and better. And while I had struggled to think of something for her to make and to be prepared as promised, my little girl told me she wanted to do mono printing. I do not have a printing press. I don’t even have a gelli plate (or the time to make one) that seems perfect for this, but luckily the principal is simple. You cover a surface (preferably one you can clean easy) with paint or ink, make patterns in it and push a piece of paper on top. When you pull of the paper, you have your print. It is called a mono print/monotype, since you can not replicate the result, like with an etch or linocut.

I quickly found a plastic tray, some poster paints and some paper. Ellen got to do everything. She put the paints on the tray, then used her fingers to mix and make patterns. Then I wiped her hands with some kitchen paper, after which she grabbed a piece of paper to make a print. Usually she pulled 2 prints of one amount of paint, occasionally 3.
It is quick and it is fun and I had to tell Ellen we had run out of paper, because she did not want to stop. The result is nice, it looks like coral to me. When I get a moment I think I am going to scan them and see if I can design a fabric from them on Spoonflower.


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