2nd Time Eggcups

dafodill-egg-cups-tempToday we were going to go for my training walk. I am training for a charity event in October (find out more on endcancer.org.au). It looked very grey outside and we were just getting used to not having rain all the time. Nevertheless we went, I promised the girls a play in the park, but I did feel we needed a sunny craft after that.

Easter is almost here and one of the sunniest colour flowers I associate with Easter is the daffodil. So there was the idea. Using part of an egg carton for the center of the flower, it could at the same time function as the egg cup.dafodill-egg-cups-cut

I cut a carton template of a leaf and show Ellen how to draw around it on yellow and orange paper. It was funny to see how she would change the pen to the other hand to be able to reach all sides. Then I gave her the scissors to cut out the leaves. I told her to follow the lines. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but all the shapes she cut out looked like leaves. And not once was there the drama of a wrong cut or “mama you do it.” Painting the cup was easy and with glueing I just had to supervise the distribution of the leaves.

dafodill-egg-cupsNow even if it rains with Easter, we will have a sunny breakfast.


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