Armed With 2 Forks

making-pompoms-forkOnce upon a time I had the time to make pompom animals. I made some two toned caterpillars and Ellen found them and loves them. So I have been wondering if Ellen could make some pompoms of her own. Perhaps she could make some to make cute chicks for on the Easter table. A friend of mine told me about her experience with her 2-year-old daughter. She said that the daughter started fine, but that mum could finish most of the project. This put me of the idea as I really want Ellen to do most the craft. Then I read the blog of craftschmaft. She used a fork and made mini pompoms, perfect for Ellen.making-pompoms-knot

Armed with 2 forks, one for me to demonstrate what to do, one for Ellen, and some left over cotton, we started. After a couple of attempts Ellen managed to wind the cotton in the right spot. Then she tried to put a piece of string through a tiny hole, so we could tie the bundle, but I had to help. She was very useful with tying the knots, by putting her finger on it. I did the cutting and presto a mini pompom.

Ellen was not very impressed though. When I asked her to show her dad what we had made I first had to remind her it was a pompom and then she showed him a store-bought one…. My vision of Easter breakfast with some cute pompom chicks decorating the table, will most likely not happen. making-pompoms


4 thoughts on “Armed With 2 Forks

  1. So glad you liked the tutorial, two year olds and craft are a tricky thing aren’t they? I’ve had to finish many a project for mine but I love getting them involved anyway. Thanks so much for the shout out!

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