2 Have A Go

pasta-machine-printI am working on an art project to raise money for cancer research. I need $2000,- to participate in a walk of 60km through Brisbane. On my training walks I pick up leaves, feathers and discarded objects to use in monoprints (officially monotypes). On minimonotypes.wordpress.com these prints are sold, have a look if you are interested.

While I am printing on my pasta machine Ellen is observing me. I keep her out of harms way by using her old playpen to keep her out this time, not in. After a while she starts asking questions and will not stop. “What are you doing mama?”, “What is that mama?”, “Is that paint mama?” “Is that your paint mama?” and “Can I have a go?”pasta-machine-print1

At first I think and say “No”, because they are oil paints. It could become a real mess. Ellen though is persistent. She finds a leaf, asks for a piece of paper and then heads out to look for her paints and rollers. As they are in a place she can’t reach, she comes back and asks for them. Knowing that I will not get any peace, I give in and let her have a go with her leaf. She has observed me well and rolls the paint onto the leaf, but then puts it paint faced down. I can just rescue it before she pads down the piece of paper. Together we roll it through the pasta machine. Later that evening she signs her print with the E of Ellen and I write down the date. I think we can do this again, before my project is over. pasta-machine-print2


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