Easy Way 2 Have Lots of Fun

salad-spinner-painting1You have heard me talk about Spoonflower a couple of times on this blog. They have a weekly contest to design fabric with a theme. This is something else I do besides this blog to keep myself sane, next to being a stay at home mum. The coming week the theme is ‘Pop art chickens’. I don’t always participate, but this is one I thought I have a go at, especially after Ellen and I did some salad spinner painting.salad-spinner-painting2

Salad spinner painting is an idea that I got from the Imagination Tree, a great place for inspiration about activities for babies and toddlers. When Ellen found our salad spinner on the drying rack, she had an awful lot of fun with it just spinning things. That is when I thought why not let her play with it with paper and paint.

We used origami squares, but I would recommend using thicker paper as did the Imagination Tree. The square went in the bottom of the spinner and Ellen put the different colour paints on top of the paper. Lid on the spinner and there she went spinning. What an easy way to have lots of fun. The bright colours gave me the feel of pop art.

salad-spinner-chookThat is why I drew and cut out some chicken shapes and let Ellen go wild on those. Now we have to wait until they are dry. and believe me with the amount of paint Ellen used it will take over night. Then scan and design away. Lets hope the Spoonflower public likes them as much as we do.


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